Law Enforcement Attorneys Network


About LEAN

The Law Enforcement Attorneys Network (LEAN) is a social and professional networking organization founded by and operated for attorneys and law students with current or prior work in law enforcement.  LEAN members are employees or former members of: police departments (including the NYPD, NCPD, SCPD, PAPD, NYSP), District Attorneys’ and Attorney Generals’ offices, federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors’ offices, federal and state Court Officers, Probation Officers, and Parole Officers, agency attorneys, judges, and other uniformed and civilian law enforcement personnel. 

LEAN exists to provide professional support and networking services to our members, to promote professionalism of our members, to share and refer work to member attorneys in their areas of expertise, to assist the agencies where we are or were employed; and, to provide a forum for socialization and goodwill within the law enforcement attorney community.  LEAN meetings are held every other month, and may include free CLE seminars and other valuable member benefits.